Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioner? | Philadelphia Air Conditioning Company

image073With summer in full swing, chances are you’ve been getting quite a bit of use out of your home’s air conditioning system lately. In doing so, you may have noticed that the system isn’t performing as well as it used to. If this is the situation you’re currently facing, it’s time to decide whether it’s in your best interest to have the A/C repaired or to replace it with a new one. So how do you make this call? Our Philadelphia air conditioning company is here to advise you on a few factors you should consider before making the decision:

  • How old is the air conditioner? If it’s more than 10 years old, the system is probably behind the times in terms of energy efficiency. This means that you’re paying more for utility bills than you would with a newer unit, so it’s economically wise to invest in a more modern air conditioner.
  • How often does it have issues? Air conditioners require regular maintenance in order to continue functioning properly. But if you follow the recommended maintenance practices, such as changing the filter and having a technician check the system periodically, and still experience frequent issues with your A/C, then it’s time to replace.
  • Is it excessively noisy? If you’ve noticed an increase in the amount of noise created by your A/C while it’s running, there could be something wrong with the system. To find out, consult an air conditioning company in Philadelphia and ask if they recommend repairing or replacing based on the severity of the issue.
  • Does it create a consistent temperature throughout your home? When functioning properly, your air conditioner will make every room in your home the same temperature. So if you’re feeling like some rooms are hotter than others, your A/C may be starting to fail. Have someone look at it and determine what is causing the temperature inconsistency, and if it can’t be repaired for a reasonable price, consider buying a new system.
  • How much would repairs cost? If you’re experiencing an issue with your A/C, get a professional technician to give you an estimate for how much the repairs would cost. Then, consider how this number compares to the value of your current system. If the repairs will cost more than 50% of your current A/C’s value, then getting a new system is your best bet.

Still undecided about whether to ditch your current A/C or put money into repairing it? Contact Air Done Right, the air conditioning company Philadelphia residents rely on for 24/7/365 HVAC service! Whether you end up opting to repair or replace, we’ll get the job done in a cost-effective, professional manner.

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