HVAC Service Philadelphia | How To Save Money On HVAC Bills

image071Are you tired of paying sky-high energy bills? There are many easy strategies you can implement into your daily life to cut down on the amount of energy used in your home and therefore save money. In this post, our Philadelphia HVAC company will suggest a few specific energy-saving tips for the autumn season:

  1. Keep cold air outside. Even the smallest unfilled crack can allow cold air to leak into your house from the outside. To ensure this doesn’t happen, seal gaps around your chimney and recessed lights. In addition, use caulk or weatherstripping to stop drafts at windows and doors.
  2. Let the sunshine in. As the temperature drops in the autumn, take advantage of the natural heating power of the sun by opening your curtains during the day. Just be sure to close them once the sun goes down to keep cold air from entering your home at the windows.
  3. Adjust your hot water heater setting. A simple way to lessen the amount of energy used by your hot water heater is to turn it to the warm setting (120°F). The water will still get plenty hot at this setting, and you’ll save money each month.
  4. Choose energy-efficient holiday lights. If you decorate your home for the holidays, then you know that using traditional light strings can tack quite a bit onto your energy bill. Using LED, or light-emitting diode, lights instead will save energy and greatly reduce the price you have to pay to deck out your house this season.
  5. Schedule a furnace tune-up. To keep your furnace running efficiently, it’s wise to schedule an appointment to have it cleaned and maintained by a Philly HVAC company at least once a year. Doing so will ensure that any necessary repairs are done in a timely manner and maintain warranty coverage for your unit.

Taking these simple steps will go a long way in terms of helping you save money and energy this autumn.

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