4 Reasons To Invest In A High-Efficiency Heating System

image067Is your standard efficiency heating system outdated or dysfunctional? It’s time to replace it with a high-efficiency system! Making the switch from standard to high efficiency is beneficial for many reasons, including:

  1. It will save you money in the long run – Many people hesitate to buy a high-efficiency heater because the purchase price is higher than that of a standard unit. But what they fail to realize is that even though choosing a high-efficiency model is more of an investment initially, it could actually cut costs significantly over time by lowering your monthly utility bills.
  2. You could be eligible for tax credits and utility rebates – Another money-saving perk of buying a high-efficiency heating system is you might get federal tax credits and/or utility rebates. This can reduce the initial cost of the heating system by hundreds or even thousands of dollars, making it much more affordable. Interested in learning about the specific incentives you’ll be eligible for when you purchase a high-efficiency heater? Our Philly heating installation company will be happy to give you the full scoop!
  3. You’ll enjoy more consistent temperatures and less noise – When compared to standard models, high-efficiency heating systems tend to be much quieter. Plus, their advanced motors make them better at maintaining a constant temperature in your home.
  4. High-efficiency heaters are far easier on the environment – While standard heaters only convert about 80% of the energy from gas into heat, high-efficiency models increase that number to 90-97%. Thus, high-efficiency heaters use less fuel and are a much “greener” option for heating your home.

As you can see, placing a high-efficiency heating system in your house will help you save money, conserve energy and enjoy your home! 

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