5 Common Energy Misconceptions That Could Be Costing You

image065Have you ever wondered whether you’re using energy in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible in your home? To help you answer this question, our Philly heating service is here to clear up some widespread beliefs about energy consumption that simply aren’t true and that may be wasting your energy and money:

  1. Buying a high-efficiency heater or air conditioner guarantees lower energy bills – It’s true that high-efficiency systems have the potential to save energy, but only if they are properly sized to your home. If the system is too large for the space in which you live, you probably won’t enjoy many savings. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced cooling and heating service in Philly size your system for you.
  2. Closing or blocking vents leads to lowered heating and cooling costs – Many people think that closing or blocking off some of the vents in their home will save energy. However, doing so merely disrupts the system and causes more air to come out of other vents. Therefore, it’s best to leave all vents open and uncovered.
  3. Turning things off is the same as unplugging them – Contrary to popular belief, switching an appliance or device to the off position does not prevent it from using power. In fact, many things use just as much energy when they’re off as when they’re on. In turn, the most effective way to save energy is to unplug your electronics when they aren’t in use.
  4. Leaving lights on rather than turning them on and off saves energy – Sure, turning a light on and off requires a small surge of power, but it’s not comparable to the amount of energy used when a light is left on.
  5. Setting your thermostat higher/lower than you actually want it heats/cools your home faster – Many people think that setting their thermostat a few degrees higher or lower will allow them to achieve their desired temperature faster. However, thermostats don’t work this way – no matter what temperature they are set to, they work at the same speed, so it’s pointless to set them to anything other than your desired temperature. 

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We Can Optimize Your Home’s Energy Efficiency!

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