4 Essential Furnace Safety Tips For Wintertime

image063During the winter when your furnace is running often to keep your home warm and comfortable, it’s important to take a few precautions to ensure the safety of your family and avoid furnace issues. So what exactly do you need to do? Our Philadelphia heating company is here to give you some pointers:

  1. Change your furnace filter regularly – Did you know that a dirty filter can cause your furnace to overheat and start a fire? Therefore, it’s paramount to replace your furnace filter every one to three months during the winter. Doing so will keep your furnace in good shape and prevent dangerous house fires. 
  2. Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are functioning – If something goes wrong with your furnace, it may cause carbon monoxide to leak into your home. Unfortunately, this deadly gas is both odorless and colorless, so there’s no way to tell that there are dangerous levels of it in your home except for with a carbon monoxide detector. With that in mind, it’s crucial to test your home’s carbon monoxide detectors on a monthly basis. 
  3. Clear the area around your furnace – If you use the area where your furnace is for storage, be sure to place items at least a few feet away from the furnace. This is especially important for things such as rags, paper, clothing and wood scraps, as these items will pose a major fire hazard if put too close to the furnace. As for flammable liquids such as gasoline, kerosene and paint, our heating company in Philadelphia recommends putting them in tightly sealed containers and keeping them far away from the furnace.
  4. Have your furnace checked annually by a professional Philadelphia heating company – To ensure that your furnace is working properly, it’s wise to have an expert perform a tune-up on it at least once per year. During the inspection, the contractor will look for and fix any threats to your family’s safety, including frayed electrical wiring and carbon monoxide leaks. Furthermore, your furnace will be cleaned, thereby extending its life and protecting your investment.

Now that you’re armed with these safety tips, you’re well prepared to prevent furnace issues from endangering your family this winter.

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As we’ve mentioned, hiring a Philadelphia heating company to inspect and clean your furnace annually is one of the best ways to keep your furnace in good working condition and your risk of household disasters low. So if you’re due for a furnace tune-up, it’s time to call Air Done Right at (267) 297-6791. As the heating company Philadelphia has trusted for more than 15 years, we guarantee you’ll receive honest prices and dependable service when you choose us for your furnace repair, installation or tune-up.

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