How To Pay Less For Home Cooling This Summer

image055As a Philadelphia resident, surely you know that summer days here can be quite steamy. While this is a good thing when you’re craving a day at the pool or the beach, the scorching sun gets old after a while. You’ll definitely want to have a cool house that you can retreat to when you’ve had enough sunshine!

The most obvious way to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home is by running your air conditioning system. However, as our Philly A/C service knows very well, this can get expensive, so we’re here to give you a few tips on minimizing the costs of keeping your home cool and comfortable this summer:

  • Use your window treatments to your advantage – While you may be tempted to open up the blinds and curtains to let the beautiful summer sun into your home, doing so will cost you because it will make your air conditioning system work harder. Therefore, if you’re looking to save money, it’s best to keep your window treatments closed during the day. And for the most powerful defense against solar heat buildup in your home, our Philly A/C service suggests choosing light-colored and/or reflective window treatments.
  • Call on fans for reinforcement – To take some of the stress off of your air conditioner, try turning on ceiling fans or box fans in the areas of your home where you’ll be spending time throughout the day. The fans will serve to circulate the cold air that your A/C pumps out. In turn, you’ll stay cool as a cucumber without having to crank your A/C down to subarctic temperatures. Just be sure to turn off the fans before leaving the house so you don’t use unnecessary electricity!
  • Do heat-generating activities during the coolest hours of the day – If possible, you should try to avoid doing activities that produce heat, such as cooking with the oven or running the clothes dryer, when temperatures are high outside. Planning your day so that you do these things before mid-morning or after dusk will go a long way toward reducing the amount you pay to keep your home cool.
  • Call an A/C service in Philly for a system tune-up – Ultimately, you won’t be successful in cooling your home cost-effectively unless your air conditioner is in tip-top shape. To make sure there are no issues with your system, hire a qualified Philly A/C service to perform a tune-up. During this process, the air conditioner will be cleaned and inspected, ensuring the system can stand up to the heat.

Whether you rent or own your Philadelphia home, following these tips will prevent you from having to pay sky-high cooling bills this summer.

Get Efficient – Schedule Your A/C Tune-Up Today!

As we’ve already mentioned, getting a yearly A/C tune-up is an essential step in making sure your air conditioning system will do its job all summer long. So if you haven’t had a professional A/C service in Philly look at your system yet this season, it’s time to schedule your tune-up with Air Done Right. Give us a call at (267) 297-6791. We look forward to showing you why we’re known as the A/C service Philly residents can depend on!