4 Indicators That Your Ductwork Is In Need Of Repair

image051Maintaining the air ducts in your home or commercial property is an essential step in keeping your HVAC system running efficiently and minimizing allergens in the air that you breathe. So how can you tell when your ducts need to be repaired or replaced? Our Philadelphia ductwork repair service is here to share the signs you should look for in your ducts and throughout the rest of your property:

  1. Misaligned or cracked ducts – Ductwork is mostly hidden, but typically, there are at least a few areas where it is visible. In these places, look for spots where your air ducts aren’t perfectly lined up or where they’ve started to crack. Both of these issues cause air to leak out of the ducts, thereby decreasing the efficiency of your HVAC system and costing you money. So if you notice cracked or misaligned ducts, be sure to contact a professional for ductwork repair in Philadelphia.
  2. Mold growth – Another indicator that your ductwork needs attention is mold growth in your air ducts or in other areas of the property. When air ducts aren’t performing as they should, they allow excess moisture and humidity into the building, thereby resulting in mold growth. Mold can usually be easily cleaned from metal ducts, but plastic ductwork will generally need to be replaced to get rid of a mold issue.
  3. Nonuniform temperature – Does your home or commercial property have spots that always seem to be a different temperature than the rest of the building? It could be due to a problem with your ductwork. To find out, have a qualified Philadelphia ductwork repair technician inspect it.
  4. Unusually dirty HVAC filters or vents – Noticing an uncommonly large amount of dirt and debris when you change your HVAC filter or clean your air vents? This may be occurring because your ducts are failing to filter out contaminants. All of that debris can greatly affect your air quality and irritate those with allergies, so you’ll want to enlist the help of a ductwork expert who can make the necessary repairs.

Even if you aren’t noticing any of these things, it’s still wise to have your building’s air ducts inspected on a regular basis to ensure that everything is functioning properly and to resolve any issues before they become more difficult and costly to repair.

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