Before You Buy That New House

image047Scheduling an HVAC inspection before purchasing a new home can be beneficial for the buyer. Most home inspections only check if a heating and cooling system will turn on and operate. This type of non detailed inspection will not protect the buyer from additional costs that can be lurking in the buyer’s near future. A complete HVAC inspection by a qualified Air Done Right technician will make sure the heating and air conditioning system is running effectively and efficiently, while also looking for potential problems that could impact your budget down the line. Here are a few items that an HVAC inspection should cover for heating and air conditioning in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas in Montgomery County.

Heating and cooling systems: 
As systems age, boilers, air conditioners and furnaces run through their useful life cycle. If they are not properly maintained, they wear out much sooner than if they are properly maintained. An HVAC inspection should ensure all systems are operating safely and at optimal performance level. An efficient system will save money on energy consumption, as well.

Ducts play a vital role in any forced air system, as they carry the conditioned air throughout a home. Most homes ducts have multiple air leaks, lack proper insulation and are poorly designed. Poor and leaking ductwork can lead to significant energy loss in a home.

Mould and other contaminants: 
Mould, mildew and bacteria can often be the result of a poorly sized air conditioning system. Mold can be very difficult to remove if it gets bad enough. If mold gets into ductwork or around the indoor A/C coil, it can contaminate the household air and lead to health problems for families.

Carbon monoxide (CO):
An HVAC inspection should make sure that the combustible appliances in the home, including the furnace and hot water heater are safely vented to the outdoors either directly through a vent or indirectly through a chimney.

This is what puts the “V” in HVAC, without proper ventilation, dirty, stale, humid air will accumulate inside making your home “sick”. Ventilation is especially important in the kitchen and bathroom, where too much heat in the air hitting cold surfaces causes condensation, which can lead to problems with damp and mould. Proper ventilation is needed for a healthy indoor environment.

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