4 Secrets To A Warm Autumn Home, No Heat Required!

image041The first day of fall is right around the corner, and we’ve already had some cool days here in Philadelphia as a preview of what’s to come. With this in mind, you’re probably preparing to switch from A/C to heat within the next few weeks. But what if you could delay turning on your furnace while still keeping your home at a comfortable temperature when the chilly weather arrives? There are actually several ways to do so! Our Philadelphia heating service is here to share a few tips:

  1. Invest in thick windows – Does your home currently have single-paned windows? Upgrading to double- or triple-paned windows will go a long way toward keeping your home warmer in the fall. That’s because these types of windows offer additional layers of glass to increase insulation.
  2. Seal up any cracks or gaps – If you can’t afford to replace your windows, using caulk or weather stripping to close gaps and cracks around your windows and doors is the next best thing. Doing so will trap warm air inside and prevent cold air from coming in, keeping your home cozy this autumn.
  3. Choose insulating curtains – Another effective way to delay firing up your furnace is to purchase thick thermal curtains. When it’s sunny out, you can open the curtains and let the sun’s warmth into your home. On cloudy days and at night, you can close the curtains to create a barrier against the cold air.
  4. Bundle up indoors – Last but not least, don’t forget to wear sweaters and thick socks while lounging at home and put extra blankets on the beds! Doing so will allow you to go far longer without having to turn on the heat in your home.

Following these tips from our heating service in Philadelphia will save you money as summer turns into fall. But the savings don’t have to end there! If you continue to use these methods when it comes time to turn your furnace on, you’ll be able to keep your thermostat set a few degrees lower all fall and winter long, conserving energy and lowering your heating bills.

We Can Help You Prepare Your Furnace for Fall

Is your furnace ready to brave the cold months to come? Air Done Right will ensure it is. As the heating service Philadelphia trusts, we offer furnace tune-ups, repairs and installations at competitive prices. To enlist our expert assistance, call (215) 510-9509 now. And to learn how your HVAC system can save you money, check out our recent post. We look forward to helping you get your furnace in great condition for fall and winter!