Our Guide To Saving Energy When It’s Warm Outside

image025With the weather outside slowly but surely starting to reflect the season, you’ve probably noticed the temperature inside of your home increasing. Perhaps you’ve even turned the thermostat to “OFF” after months of relying on your heating system. As things continue to warm up and you find yourself switching to A/C, there are several tricks you can use to keep your energy bills from getting out of hand. Here are a few top tips for springtime energy conservation from our Philadelphia HVAC contractor:

  • Open the windows on mild days and nights– When the outdoor temperature is pleasant, there’s no need to use your air conditioning. Simply open the windows and enjoy the natural breeze! Not only will cracking the windows on occasion help you save energy, but it will also rid your home of stuffiness by bringing in fresh air.
  • Prepare meals in the great outdoors – Using your oven to cook food can increase your home’s temperature by several degrees, which is a good thing when it’s cold outside but not so much when it’s hot. To avoid making your air conditioner go into overdrive to cool down your home this spring, try grilling or cooking over a bonfire instead! This energy-saving move will give you an opportunity to spend some quality time enjoying the nice weather with your loved ones.
  • Seal up cracks and duct leaks– Closing up any small openings around your doorways and windows will prevent warm air from entering your home and making your air conditioner run more often. Similarly, contacting a skilled HVAC contractor in Philadelphia to inspect your ductwork and seal up any spots where air leaks out can reduce your energy bills in a big way.
  • Use ceiling fans to keep your home cool – If your home has ceiling fans, turning them on will allow you to raise the temperature on your thermostat without compromising on comfort on warm days.
  • Schedule annual A/C tune-ups – If your air conditioner is in need of repair or maintenance, it won’t be able to work at its peak efficiency, thereby driving up your energy costs in the spring and summer. To avoid paying more than you have to and ensure the longevity of your cooling system, call a Philadelphia HVAC contractor at least once a year for an A/C inspection and tune-up.

By putting these guidelines into practice this spring, you’ll enjoy maximum cost savings on your energy bills while keeping your family cool.

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