Smart Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Home Warm On Chilly Days

image007When the temperature outside dips into the single digits, it’s essential to know how to keep warmth inside your home while leaving cold air outside. After the teeth-chattering weather we’ve recently had here in Philadelphia, it’s certainly a good time to assess whether you’re doing everything in your power to maintain a warm and cozy home. To make sure, run through this list of clever house-warming hacks from our Philadelphia heating service:

  • Deal with drafts – Even the tiniest of gaps around your doors and windows can cause the temperature inside your home to drop significantly. Luckily, there are many simple, low-cost fixes to prevent cold air from making its way in. Weatherstripping, foam tape, window film or even a strategically placed towel can all offer reliable defense against drafts.
  • Use rugs for added warmth – Area rugs do more than just add style to a room – they also trap valuable heat, making your floors and your entire home feel cozier during the cold winter. Plush high-pile rugs are especially great for preserving warmth wherever you need it in your house.
  • Place furniture away from your radiators or heat vents – This simple step will ensure that the heat pumped out by your HVAC system gets distributed evenly throughout the room with no obstructions.
  • When the sun isn’t out, close the curtains – Allowing the sun to shine into your home is a surefire way to warm it up without paying a cent. But to keep that warmth from leaving just as quickly as it came, it’s important to pull your curtains shut when the sun sets and temperatures drop.

By implementing these tips from our Philadelphia heating service, you will minimize the amount of strain put on your HVAC system, thus extending its lifespan. Plus, you’ll keep your heating bills as low as possible throughout the winter. Now that’s what we call a winning solution! For more seasonally relevant advice from our trusted heating service in Philadelphia, check out our recent post on common winter HVAC issues and how to avoid them.

Have a Heating Issue? We’re Here to Handle It!

While the tricks we’ve listed above will go a long way to help you warm your home when it’s cold outside, you’ll still need a well-functioning HVAC system to get you through the Philadelphia winter. In the event that your furnace or boiler gives you trouble, you can count on our heating service in Philadelphia to fix the issue promptly and properly.

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As you can see, we take our job seriously and do everything we can to be the best heating service in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. So if you’re in need of heating help for your home or commercial property, we hope you’ll depend on us! Give us a call anytime at (267) 297-6791, and we’ll be more than happy to serve you.