How Often Should Your Boiler Be Serviced?

image003If there’s a boiler at the center of your home’s heating system, you’re most likely aware that regular servicing is important to prevent HVAC issues and keep your boiler running efficiently. However, you may not be totally clear on how to know when to schedule an appointment for Philadelphia boiler maintenance. Is once a year enough, or is more frequent servicing necessary for optimal boiler performance?

Annual inspection is a great starting point for your boiler maintenance in Philadelphia, as it will prevent problems from going unresolved for long periods and thus extend your system’s life. Aside from calling a professional for yearly servicing, however, there are some other times when getting a checkup for your boiler may also be warranted. For example:

  • Any time you notice abnormal changes in your heating system’s performance – Is your monthly heating bill higher than usual? Decreased efficiency is a sign of many common boiler issues. Thus, if your utility bills are going up for no obvious reason, it’s a good idea to contact an expert for boiler maintenance in Philadelphia. Doing so will ensure that any problems get fixed so they don’t become more serious (or continue jacking up your monthly expenses!).
  • If you move into a new home – To be safe, you should always schedule a boiler inspection shortly after a change of residence. By making an appointment with a Philadelphia boiler maintenance company you trust, you will get peace of mind that your new home’s boiler is in good working order and there are no issues left behind from the previous owners.

Servicing your boiler annually as well as in the additional situations we’ve described will help maximize your HVAC system’s efficiency and lifespan while minimizing your heating costs. In other words, Philadelphia boiler maintenance is definitely something worth prioritizing!

Air Done Right: A Dependable Service for Boiler Maintenance in Philadelphia

Known for providing boiler maintenance Philadelphia residents can depend on, Air Done Right is here to be your full-service heating company. Whether you need us to troubleshoot a boiler issue or install a new unit in your home, our team will take care of your heating needs in a timely and masterful manner.

To schedule a Philadelphia boiler maintenance appointment or to get a quote for your project, reach out to us at (267) 297-6791. We look forward to being your trusted HVAC service during winter and all year round!