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Residential HVAC Repair


Is a broken HVAC system taking the comfort out of your home? Let a superior air conditioning repair company in Philadelphia take care of it.

At Air Done Right, we pride ourselves in offering exceptional but affordable HVAC repair services in Philadelphia. We have a team of expert technicians ready to get any brand of HVAC. So, when is the right time to call a residential HVAC repair company?

When residential HVAC repair technicians

Request professional help from us for any of the following issues regarding your HVAC unit.

1. Scheduled maintenance

It would be best if you had an expert check your HVAC unit periodically. Many homeowners only check the system only when it’s broken.

To let your HVAC system serve you through its entire product life, have it serviced twice a year. Having the unit inspected lowers repair costs.

2. No air from AC vents

The vents should produce cold air to keep your home warm, especially during summer. If little or no air comes out of the vents, you need an air conditioning repair company in Philadelphia to get your system running.

Low air circulation in your unit results due to dysfunctional components. If you decide to find and replace the damaged AC parts without the necessary tools and skills, you may further damage the unit. But with years of experience handling HVAC units, our technicians will know how to repair your system.

3. Foul smell from the vents

Other than cooling your house, the HVAC unit must keep your home’s air fresh. But sometimes, the system injects unpleasant odors into your house. When this happens, it’s time to call an HVAC repair expert.

Bad odors are usually as a result of mold accumulating in your system. An HVAC repair expert can clean up the unit, and it should work fine.

4. Spikes in electricity bills

Are your energy bills appearing higher than you expect them to be? Well, maybe the HVAC is the culprit. In theory, broken HVAC systems can use more energy than functional ones. Also, old units may not be energy efficient.

Calling our air conditioning repair company in Philadelphia is a smart move here. We will give your unit a thorough check and repair any broken components.

5. Noise from the HVAC unit

A typical air conditioner produces between 37 to 82 decibels. This amount of noise should not bother you. Should you notice loud noises coming from your system, you need to call an HVAC technician immediately.

Get professional HVAC repair services

Air Done Right is an air conditioning repair company in Philadelphia licensed to repair residential and commercial HVAC systems. We have over ten years’ experience offering excellent customer service.

Bring comfort back to your home by having malfunctioned HVAC units repaired. Call us today.