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Why Choose Air Done Right?


We are the leading air conditioning repair company in Philadelphia as we strive to offer the best services in areas like Mainline, Lower Merion, Darby, and Upper Merion, among others. At Air Done Right, we ensure that you enjoy life as it is supposed to be, at your office and home.

Whether your air conditioning system failed to work during the summer or winter, you can trust our professional services. You do not have to worry about the charges, as we give the friendliest rates to our clients. We have a history of offering emergency residential HVAC repair services at the convenience of our customers.

We have a team of experts that can solve all issues revolving around commercial and residential HVACs. That means we are licensed to carry out repairs and maintenance on the business’ and home’s systems. Regardless of the type of brand you are using, our knowledgeable technicians have what it takes to do an excellent job.

Why chose us?

We are the most trusted air conditioning repair company in Philadelphia, having served businesses, companies, and homes for more than ten years. You have every reason to rely on us for all your repair work. We are willing and able to carry out comprehensive maintenance at affordable rates to continue enjoying a wholesome environment in your living room or office.

Relying on us for residential HVAC repair not only solves your issues but also keeps them away from reoccurring. Our mission is to help you bounce back to your life again. We are devoted to saving you from the unfriendly heat or cold weather in your house or business.

What are the most common failures?

Air conditioning systems are like to suffer from wear and tear issues along their life cycle. Summer comes with loads of failures because it is when they are in use around the clock. There are numerous reasons as to why damages and breakdowns can occur. They include;

Air handler failures

They are responsible for controlling and regulating the circulation of air. The handles comprise of numerous parts that include filter racks, blowers, and others that can get damaged. Regular maintenance from an expert helps keep the parts working for a long time.

Clogged system

Air conditioners come with a drain system that helps in eliminating water. When clogged, water cannot flow out, which affects the surface. Cleaning the drains can help in such situations. Other failures include inadequate refrigerant, damaged compressor, and failed thermostat, among others.

How would it feel to wake up one day only to realize that your whole body is full of sweat? A broken air conditioner can make your house uncomfortable. Call the leading air conditioning repair company in Philadelphia today to enjoy the best services.