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Water Heater Company Philadelphia

Water Heater Repair

Your Philadelphia HVAC repair company serving Darby, Radnor, Haverford, Upper Darby, Lower Merion, Upper Merion, Main Line and surrounding areas

Dial your favorite Philadelphia Water Heater Repair Company and Get your Water Heater Fixed!

There is nothing worse than wanting to take a hot bath after a long day of work only to find out that the water heater broke. We can provide professional water heater repair services in Philadelphia and surrounding areas right when you need it. Call us and you can finally enjoy that hot water bath you’ve been craving. We also help install electric as well as gas water heaters.

Are you experiencing any of the following problems with your heater?
  • No hot water at all
  • Heater won’t turn on
  • Indicator light does not turn on
  • Leaking tank
  • Smelly water
  • Heater making noise
  • Water taking too long to heat

If your water heater is guilty of any of these problems it could be because of several things

Thermocouple Needs Replacement

Sometimes the sensors won’t be able to recognize if the pilot is on and it won’t start the gas ignition. In these cases, the water won’t heat up. The Thermocouple sensor in the heater has to be replaced or cleaned to fix the issue.

Faulty Thermometer

If you are getting a little hot water or the water temperature is too high, it could be because of a faulty thermometer. Thermometers in the water heater help to regulate the heating. After some wear and tear, the sensors can get damaged and need servicing or replacing.

Pilot Won’t Light/Won’t Stay Lit

Water heaters require a pilot light which provides the flame needed to light the gas coming out of the main burner. A pilot light that will not light or will not stay lit can occur due to the pipes getting clogged or due to damage to the gas valve. Cleaning out the clog or replacing the damaged valve can fix this problem.

Dirty Tank

Over time, the tank inside the water heater can get dirty, allowing bacteria to set in and grow inside it. This will cause the water to begin to smell bad.

Proper cleaning of the tank is necessary to get rid of smelly water.

Leakage from Inlet/Outlet Pipes

If your water heater is leaking, it could be because of a damaged seal that joins the inlet or outlet pipes to your heater. The joints have to be properly sealed to prevent leakage, or in some cases, the pipes have to be replaced entirely.

Broken Indicator Lights

The built-in LED lights that indicate if your heater is turned on or off can get damaged after plenty of use or due to excessive usage of the heater. In this case, you may not know if the heater is on or not, and this can cause confusion and scenarios where the heater is left turned on, leading to high electricity bills. In such cases, a quick replacement of these lights will solve the issues.

If any of these problems seem familiar to you, give us a call!
  • We provide professional and reliable service to all of our customers
  • We provide upfront explanations of your unique problem
  • We offer fair prices
  • We offer guaranteed work and expert solutions

Water Heater Repair Service in Darby, Radnor, Haverford, Lower & Upper Merion and surrounding areas.

Say goodbye to any water heater troubles and get professional servicing with our company. Are you ready to have a brand new water heater installed? Need repairs or routine maintenance? Simply give us a call, we can install both the traditional gas and the modern electric water heaters at your specification for a very fair price!

Next time you run into heating issues, you know who to call.

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